Elise & Luke | Engaged

I’m absolutely loving engagement sessions in a new place! It’s so great being able to explore Nashville and to do it alongside a super cool couple makes it even better! I met Elise and Luke through our new church here. I was talking with some other girls and they immediately pointed out that there was a recently engaged couple when I told them I’m a wedding photographer! How sweet is that?? I absolutely love being around people who are so supportive and encouraging of my dream! If you didn’t know, referrals are seriously the best way to support your creative friends! Elise and I emailed about their wedding photography before we had even met in person, and the first time Sean and I did meet the both of them, was them telling me that they choose me! What a celebratory note to start on with a new friendship!  

Have you ever been around a couple that just makes your heart happy every time you look at them? Elise and Luke is one of those couples for me! If I was changing a lens or photographing her ring, they would be talking and laughing and joking around with one another. Literally not one ounce of awkwardness between these two, which can be especially difficult sometimes when you are getting photos taken!


We had the most beautiful December day for their engagement session––well, except for the INSANE amount of wind there was when we got to the bridge. But they totally rocked it and it’s definitely some of my favorite images of the two of them! You wouldn’t know, but there was also an insane amount of people on the bridge! Everyone was so considerate and sweet and would walk around us. The part I loved was the second they realized they were going to be in the shot, they quickly jumped out with a huge “OOPS” and a big smile and apology! Seriously, the sweetest! I’m already so impressed with the kindness of all these Southerners!

Enjoy my favorites!



Also, we saw the largest daddy long leg that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’m struggling real hard with the bugs here y’all. Say a pray for me. And the multiple dead bugs that I make Sean take care of…  

So looking forward to your May, Allenbrooke Farms wedding! Can’t wait to celebrate with your friends & family! Cause you two are definitely something to celebrate!