Julia & Johnny

This is Julia & Johnny. They are amazing, adventurous, so so kind, and are seriously the greatest people to hike up Rattlesnake Ridge with! They were so nice to me as I was huffin and puffin up the mountain and let me take a thousand breaks… We got up to the ledge and there were only TWO people there (who left pretty shortly after we arrived). This is like unheard of!! I had such a fun time with their couple’s session and I loved our conversations all the way up the mountain, and all the way back down!

We only freaked out a little bit once we realized the gates were locked at the park after we were done but they left a piece of paper on my car windshield with the gate code. SO not only were we able to get back home that night, everyone also got some awesome pictures!

Julia and Johnny — I’m so thankful to know you two and I wish you another great year here at Western! Let’s not be strangers around the good old Bham!