Molly & Darren | Engaged

Engagement season is upon us! Whohoo! Molly & Darren were my first couple to get their engagement on the books, and even though it was nearly freezing, they were such troopers and I am so happy they didn’t reschedule! The glow was there, the people were not, and I loved every second of it! Honestly, I’ve absolutely loved moving to a new city and exploring it with my couples. Nashville is absolutely beautiful and so picturesque. 

One of the things I think is so fun is that Molly is a videographer (she’s amazing and I really hope we can work together one day!!) and she knew exactly what she wanted in a photographer. I’m so happy that she picked me because they have been such an amazing couple to work with. I love that my couples feel comfortable to ask questions, seek advice and spend so much time putting thought and planning into their outfits and locations for their engagement sessions. And Molly & Darren did exactly that and I’m so grateful!

So, I just have to tell the story of how these two met because it’s absolutely amazing. Imagine, you move to a new city for an internship (like Molly) and don’t know anyone. You want to make some friends so you go on Bumble. You meet this

guy (and his name is Darren) and you both fall so hard for each other. And then, things take a turn for the worst. Your internship ends, you have to move away. EIGHT freaking days after you meet your person (TEARS, mainly from me hearing their story). You continue on with life, finish school, but then!! You get hired by the company you interned at and move back to the place where you met the love of your life! (Freak out moment much?). You grab coffee with him, and boom, fall in love all over again. Like nothing ever happened. Then you get engaged, hire a wedding photographer to tell the whole story on a blog post of your engagement pictures. 

I love that these two have fallen in love twice with one another already and that they get to keep falling in love with one another every day for the rest of their lives. 

Thank you for sharing your story with me, for letting me capture your love now and the solidification of your love in September. You two are something special!

Enjoy my favorites!