Mr & Mrs Billingsley | Allenbrooke Farms

The first time I met Elise & Luke was after church when they told me, “We want to book you as our wedding photographer!” I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start building our friendship by not only being their wedding photographer but also members together in our church. Luke & Elise are adamant rock climbers (event apart of their wedding registry was that guests could contribute to a rock climbing membership, which I think is such a cool idea because it’s something they love doing together!), big on cuddles (with each other, please don’t go up to them and try to start cuddling them), and enjoy cooking and eating together. If you ever eat Elise’s chicken curry, get ready to have your face be blown off by the heat. I can attest from women’s retreat! It was still so good, I got seconds through the tears!

Their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect, from the incredibly stunning venue, to the sweetness of their ceremony, to the celebration from their friends and family into the night. These two were surrounded by love and so much eagerness for this day to finally be here. They are back from their St. Lucia honeymoon and I’m so excited to hear all about it, what they enjoyed most about their wedding day, and about a thousand more questions because I get to see them every Sunday and that makes my heart so happy!

Thank you two for having me capture the biggest day of your life, your love is joyous and shines through each of you when you talk about one another and the Lord is so glorified in that. Enjoy my MANY favorites from Mr & Mrs Billingsley’s day!!

There were so many things I loved about this day, but these was too good not to showcase! 

Venue owner’s dog ran to us because he wanted to be in the pictures SO bad!!

When you have to take a deep breath while you watch your almost wife walking towards you. Way to make me cry, Luke!

For those of you who don’t know yet, we found the most amazing church that we could of ever asked for here in Nashville. We’re so thankful to Jeremy and Marjorie for pastoring such sweet group of people in the Nations before our time, and now they have left to pursue the teaching of the gospel in Chicago. I felt so privileged to take this picture, all these couples Jeremy has married! What an impact they have left on this group, you’re already so missed!


Venue | The Barn at Allenbrooke Farms

Bride’s Dress | All About the Bride

Hair | Tease Salon 

DJ | Patrick Chappell

Videography | Roman Ottinger & Conner 

Cake | Whole Foods

Cookies | Christie’s Cookies

Catering | Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint