Sarah & Steve | Engaged

Oh my goodness you guys, Sarah and Steve’s engagement session is to die for. We went to Antelope Island in Utah, but I so wish this location was in Washington so I could have access to it ALL THE TIME. I love traveling for sessions and after not having to convince my husband too hard, we packed up the car and took a road trip during our spring break! We went to Montana, Colorado, and Utah all within 10 days!! It was 54+ hours of driving and we loved EVERY moment of it (minus the blizzards we encountered and not being able to see the road!) We listened to podcasts almost the entire trip. I started Atlanta Monster a while back so we got caught up on that one, finished S-Town, and Up & Vanished (which we are eagerly waiting on season 2), and started Serial which we are hoping to finish on our trip to Vancouver this weekend since I have a family session!

Sarah is a close friend of my husband, Sean. They met in the 4th grade!! I just couldn’t stop picturing a little Sean and Sarah when they were discussing their teachers and all these funny stories that happened throughout their childhood and teenage years. Sarah met Steve when she moved over to Fort Collins, Colorado and that’s the place that they fell in love and started planning their life together. Steve got accepted into a program to become a PA in Salt Lake City, so during our time in CO, they picked up and moved over to UT. We were so thankful they were still willing to do their engagement session during their moving, which we all know, can be a extremely hectic time.

While we were driving around looking for spots to stop at, we saw a ton of bison also AND a coyote walked (yes, walked, not ran!) right in front of our car so we got a really close look at it! We chased the light while still keeping an eye out for any creatures. It felt SO good to have a glimpse of some summer light (definitely not the temperature though, it was COLD!) Before we started, Sarah goes, “I hope you can edit out goosebumps!” She was so brave being in a dress and that was the moment I knew that this girl was out to get some amazing photos.

These two were so much fun to photograph and I can already tell that they are going to be just as much fun on their wedding day! I’m so looking forward to capturing your wedding in July, I hope it comes fast because I already miss you both! Sean and I are so excited to witness you become husband and wife. Study hard Steve, keep the plans moving for the wedding, and it will be here before you know it!

Here are some of my favorites of their engagement photos, (that they are seeing for the first time also!)