Sophie & Sean

Lauren Joslen, (here’s her website!) an amazing photographer and good friend of mine, was so gracious and let me tag along with her as a second shooter to a couple of her weddings!

So this is one of them!! Sophie & Sean got married in Tacoma, Washington at the Environmental Services Building. Every small and big detail they had during their day showed so much of their love for each other, their personalities, and their style. The entire day, they were so calm and in love, and even when one of the bridesmaids got her car broken into during the wedding (and had EVERYTHING stolen), they took the time to get gas money together for her so she could get back to Eastern Washington.


So! With that being said! Here are a lot… (I couldn’t choose as you’ll see) of my images that tell the story of their beginning as husband and wife.

Thank you again, Lauren, for giving me this opportunity to get experience and build my portfolio for weddings!

I just have to tell you about this adorable moment. Sophie’s grandmother is hanging out with us, right? As she leaves the room to go get her outfit, she walks by the dresses hanging up and says “Well aren’t these beautiful!” and just stares up at them and touches them. It was so dang cute!

Right before the first look! Lauren was with Sophie on one side of the bridge while I was on the other end with Sean. They were SO excited to see each other! I LOVE first looks!!

In this moment he said, “You look SO SEXY!” Nothing like an almost husband just being blown away by how amazing his bride looks!

She just couldn’t wait to show off her dress to him. Loved this moment of her spinning around showing him!


The tears were really flowing from EVERYONE has the bride’s grandfather sang “What A Wonderful World” during the father bride dance.

Guess what Kimbrough sister is single and ready to mingle? (Hint: It’s not the one in the wedding dress.)

Happy wedding day Mr & Mrs Axon!

Thank you for letting me be there to help capture it all!