Second Shooting

Hello! I hope you are here because you are in need of a second shooter! Please take a look at the details below! Thank you!

Style & Process

My goal is to give you a variety of well lit and composed images to give depth to your galleries. Allowing you to focus on the must haves, while also knowing you have a reliable second to pick up needs that will support your time for creativity.

Dreamy images in RAW, shot typically f 2.2 – f 3.5, always above 1/200, back lit, or sun facing on cloudy days

Highly experienced in photographing all parts of a wedding day, details to reception

Master in keeping track of the shot list and directing posing during family portraits

I do well with receiving direction and learning the posing you would like to see

If you're on an 85, I'll go on a 35 or vise versa to maximize diversification in your gallery

Stuck on posing at any point? Throw it over to me to give yourself a break & reset


2 Nikon d750 (full frame, dual SD slots)

35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm lenses


Flat lay accessory kit (boards, ribbon, stamps, ring boxes, risers)

YONGNUO YN685 (on camera)

2 YONGNUO YN560 (off camera)

7 ft light stands

MAGMOD diffusers

Collaborations & Galleries

You're welcome to use my name (René Powell) & email ([email protected]) to enter into the galleries.

Krista Joy Photography

50+ Weddings & Lead associate shooter

Belt Wedding


Primary Photographer – Krista Joy

Second Shooter – René Powell

Morgan Wedding

Humboldt, TN / The Venue at Twin Oaks

Editor – Krista Joy

Associate Lead Photographer – René Powell

Hammond Wedding

Nashville, TN / The Estate at Cherokee Dock

Primary Photographer – Krista Joy

Second Shooter – René Powell

Annie Elizabeth Photography

7 weddings, including second shooting her own!

Sharp Wedding

Murfreesboro, TN / Private estate

Primary Photographer – Annie Elizabeth

Second Shooter – René Powell

McCain Wedding

Nashville, TN / Scarritt Bennett

Editor – Annie Elizabeth

Associate Photographer – René Powell

Simmons Wedding

Murfreesboro, TN / Private estate

Primary Photographer – Katelyn V

Second Shooter – René Powell

Rates & Contact

Currently only taking Second Shooting positions at this time

$50-$75 hour dependent on length of day & travel

Don't hesitate to reach out to me at
[email protected] or through the inquire button below